Training,  Breeding, and Raising Flatshod Tennessee Walking Horses.

Foundation Bred Tennessee Walking Horses

Some things  just come natural. . .

The guys were really busy last year, and what wonderful results.

Cash Supreme  20005111, Lighting's Super Star GF 20513698, Smoke & Lighting 21003838, these are just a few of the stallions in our breeding program.

The 2017 arrivals are some of the finest we've produced so far. If you are looking for a yearling or 2 year old to start, please email or give us a call.

Phil and Virginia Snodgrass have been breeding and raising Tennessee Walking horses for over 40 years. With a well refined breeding program and careful selection of foundation bred stallions and mares, we now raise some of the finest bred walking horses on the market today. The long stride and headshake that are true, natural characteristics of the Tennessee Walking Horse are prominent in these horses. With Bloodlines that start from the beginning, the genetics in stock we have today by far exceeds anything on the market.

Located in beautiful upper East Tennessee, these horses are among the most desirable today for show, pleasure, and trail. Whether you are an experienced rider looking for a yearling horse to start and train, or you want a professionally trained horse to show, with over 100 horses on the premises these are sure to please. We have a great selection of broodmares, and colts along with yearlings.